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Boca Raton High School Swimming Pool

  Project Data
Project Number 400000007
School Type High School
Project Type Addition
Student Occupancy Date 02/01/2011
Site Size 33.00Acres 
Square Footage 0 sq. ft.
Student Stations 0
Proj Delivery Method Design / Build
Construction Manager D. Stephenson Construction, Inc.
Architect Barranco Gonzalez Architecture
Planner To Be Determined
Sr.Proj Administrator Gene Colson
Start Date (NTP) Phase 1 12/02/2009
Duration Phase 1 251
Days Expended Phase 1 428
% of Time Expended Phase 1 100 %
% Complete Phase 1 99 %
Substantial Completion    Phase 1 01/14/2011
Final Completion Phase 1 02/14/2011
1501 NW 15th Court | Boca Raton | FL | 33486


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School District of
Palm Beach County Florida
Department of Program Management
Program Management Projects
Monthly Progress Report
Boca Raton High School Swimming Pool

The Project

Competition size swimming pool with diving well, scoreboard, bleachers and lighting. 720,000 gallons capacity. This Design-build project is complete, fully permitted and in use. 

Project Status - Week ending September 2, 2011
Permit issued 5/3/2010.

TCO obtained as of 1/28/11.
Substantial Completion 2/3/2011

Certificate of Occupancy issued 5/23/2011

All punch list and Bldg Dept Plan Review and Inspection Comments have been satisfied (As-Builts Approved 5/23/11).

Project Completed
Final Report 

Project Contact List for Boca Raton High School Swimming Pool
Contact Title Company Business Phone E-Mail
Gene Colson Sr. Project Admin. SDPBC-Program Management 561-882-1917
  Project Coord.      
  Project Field Rep.      
Jeffrey Leach AP for Construction SDPBC 561-493-6408
Geoffrey McKee Principal SDPBC 561-338-1402
Nora Rosensweig Area Superintendant SDPBC


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