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Galaxy Elementary Modernization

  Project Data
Project Number 0821-7510
School Type Elementary School
Project Type Modernization
Student Occupancy Date 08/19/2013
Site Size 15.00Acres 
Square Footage 108,674 sq. ft.
Student Stations 605
Proj Delivery Method CM @ Risk
Construction Manager Pirtle Construction
Architect Zyscovich Architects
Planner Michael Owens
Sr.Proj Administrator Angel Garcia
Start Date (NTP) Phase 1 08/01/2011
Phase 2 02/06/2012
Phase 3 04/23/2012
Duration Phase 1 185
Phase 2 558
Phase 3 500
Days Expended Phase 1 120
Phase 2 556
Phase 3 479
% of Time Expended Phase 1 100 %
Phase 2 100 %
Phase 3 100 %
% Complete Phase 1 0 %
Phase 2 0 %
Phase 3 0 %
Substantial Completion    Phase 1 11/30/2011
Phase 2 06/19/2013
Phase 3 07/29/2013
Final Completion Phase 1 09/04/2013
Phase 2 09/04/2013
Phase 3 10/30/2013
301 Galaxy Ave | Boynton Beach | FL | 33435


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School District of
Palm Beach County Florida
Department of Program Management
Program Management Projects
Monthly Progress Report
Galaxy Elementary Modernization

The Project

The modernization of Galaxy Elementary School will include all new classrooms, kitchen and cafeteria, media center,administrative offices, covered play area, playgrounds and playfields.

The new school will be located on a portion of the existing City of Boynton Beach park. The park will be relocated to the north side of the new school and just south of the existing preserve area.

The modernized school will have a 605 student station capacity. 

Project Status - Week ending August 29, 2014
A community outreach meeting was held at the old Galaxy Elementary School Cafetorium on April 26, 2011.

Phase 1 GMP was approved at the Board Special Meeting on July 27, 2011. NTP for Phase 1 was issued on August 1, 2011. The scope of work for Phase 1 was substantially complete on November 29, 2011.

Phase 2 GMP was approved at the Board Special Meeting on February 1, 2012. The scope of work for Phase 2 involves earthwork and civil site utilities. NTP for Phase 2 was issued on February 6, 2012. Phase 2 was substantially completed on August 15, 2013. Punch list is complete.

Phase 3 GMP was approved at the Board Meeting on April 18, 2012. The scope of work for Phase 3 involves the school buildings, the remainder of all site improvements and the replacement park. NTP for Phase 3 was issued on April23, 2012. Phase 3 was substantially completed on August 15, 2013. Work at the green roof is complete. Final hook-up of PV solar panel system along walkway cover at parent drive is near completion Punch list is near completion.

School commenced on August 19, 2013.

Replacement Park:
The Replacement park was substantially completed on August 7, 2013 and punch list was completed on August 21, 2013. It has since been turned over to the City of Boynton Beach.


Project Contact List for Galaxy Elementary Modernization
Contact Title Company Business Phone E-Mail
Angel Garcia Sr. Project Admin. SDPBC-Program Management 561-882-1916
  Project Coord.      
  Project Field Rep.      
Steve Fleming AP for Construction SDPBC-Capital Projects Group/Facility Services 561-776-3600
Edmund Capitano Principal SDPBC 561-739-5600
Dr. Constance Tuman-Rugg Area Superintendant SDPBC


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