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(S)= Hurricane Shelter
  Charter Schools
2891 Academy for International Studies
0664 Academy for Positive Learning Charter School, Inc.
3348 Academy of Creative Education
3400 Believers Academy
0054 Boca Raton Charter School
3385 Bright Futures International Charter School NPB 1
3385 Bright Futures International Charter School NPB 2
3385 Bright Futures International Charter School PBG
3381 Chancellor Charter School at Lantana
3392 Charter School of Boynton Beach 1
3386 Charter School of Boynton Beach 2
3388 Corebridge Educational Academy Charter School
0642 DayStar Academy of Excellence Charter School
3344 Delray Youth Vocational Charter School
2521 Ed Venture Charter School
3398 Everglades Preparatory Academy Charter School
2921 Gateway High School
3382 Glades Academy of Agr. and Eco. Studies, Inc.
0284 Good Schools for All Leadership Academy
0412 Guided Path Academy Charter School
0065 Gulfstream Goodwill Career Academy
3345 Gulfstream Goodwill Transition to LIFE Academy
3384 Hope Learning Community of Riviera Beach, Inc.
3381 Imagine Schools - Chancellor Campus
3395 JFK Medical Center Charter School
3346 Joseph Littles - Nguzo Saba Charter School
2641 Lakeside Academy
3347 Leadership Academy West
3918 Life Skills Academy - Glades Area
3349 Life Skills Center of Palm Beach County
3394 Montessori Academy of Early Enrichment
0411 Montessori Academy of Northern Palm Beach
0924 New Vision Child Academy
3384 Noah's Ark International
2801 Palm Beach Maritime
0014 Palm Beach Military Academy
3442 Palm Beach School for Autism
2941 Palm Beach School for Autism Cottage 16
2531 Potentials Charter School
0641 Potentials South Charter School
3083 Renaissance Learning Academy
2791 Renaissance Learning Center
3443 Riviera Beach Maritime Academy
3391 Seagull Academy for Independent Living (SAIL)
2881 Spanish Academy Charter School
3399 The IMAGINE School
3386 Toussaint L'Ouverture High School
2911 Western Academy Charter School

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